Beautiful & Dangerous Youth

2013-09-26 19:06:56 by HalfStepTides

The album is finally out.

For free and everything (with the option to donate) at:

Thank you for listening, and I hope you enjoy it.

Physical CD's will come in the future.

Beautiful & Dangerous Youth


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2013-10-01 09:12:03

The cover looks good... the album sounds... much calmer than I expected it to be! Not really the type of music I'd listen to over and over... but I can dig it. Why the white cover on the Bandcamp page btw? It looks like this is the final one; that's just a sketch.

HalfStepTides responds:

Hey man, thanks for the response! Glad to hear you can dig it.

The bandcamp cover is the actual cover for the album. This one was just something I altered for the CD/interior liner notes thing. Sort of playing off the duality that the album puts forth.

Thanks for listening!!!