Beautiful & Dangerous Youth (Album #3) - RELEASE DETAILS! -

2013-05-05 17:30:03 by HalfStepTides

Hello everyone.

I'm pleased to announce that my 3rd solo album, BEAUTIFUL & DANGEROUS YOUTH, will be released on September 31, 2013 on both digital download and physical CD formats.

It consists of 12 post-rock influenced ambient songs that follow a central theme of youthful spirit and fighting the notion of growing up and keeping your innocence intact as the transition from childhood to adulthood looms in the distance.

I'm excited about this because I believe this album accurately paints a nice description of where I am as an artist at this point in time, both in recording quality and material quality.

I'd also like to put across the fact that I would love to go further with the release if many people are into it - this includes buying a limited set of lathe records if you are a record/LP fan along with other merch that features the lovely artwork of my dear Sofia, who can be found at

Digital Downloads will be Name-Your-Own-Price (Yes, including $0) for two weeks after release and then I will ask for a minimum of $4-5 for each purchase.

Purchasing a physical CD will run $10 but will come with an immediate digital download as well as a few extra goodies put in the package from me as a way to show my appreciation.

I am really excited about this album, I feel like I did when I was releasing my debut: Afraid, curious and happy to see it through.

You can listen to me here:
or right here on NG!

Thank you all,


Beautiful & Dangerous Youth (Album #3) - RELEASE DETAILS! -


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